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Branches of Hope is the social justice arm of the Vine church. As a Christian organization we uphold the biblical values of serving the marginalized with love, dignity and respect, no matter their religion, ethnicity or social background.

Our vision is to restore dignity, justice and hope to the vulnerable and marginalized in Hong Kong. The vision was of a large, lush tree with deep roots, growing healthy and strong. Above the tree, birds flew, some of which were tired and struggling to fly. These weary birds landed on the branches of the tree and found safety, shelter, healing, and nourishment. And once ready, they flew onward, healthy and strong, just like the branches that nurtured them.


Through the years, we have helped thousands of refugees and asylum seekers thrive and flourish in Hong Kong and beyond through the Refugee Opportunity and Development (ROAD) program which offer vocational training, education, financial assistance, social and spiritual care, and provision of loving community to refugees and asylum seeker.


It is our ultimate vision to create a city that is safe and just for refugees and asylum seekers and we will continue forward in that spirit, equipping, educating and empowering those in our care so they are no longer vulnerable to exploitation, but instead given the necessary knowledge and skills to have equal access to resources and opportunities that allow them to realize their dreams, and give them the chance to become healthy contributors to society.

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